Kalymnos is one of the most popular climbing destinations worldwide. It all started when a famous Italian couple climbers visited the island and saw the huge potential of the island in terms of climbing.

The couple again visited the island in the 90s helped to set up and opened routes mainly on the north side of the island. Since the influx of climbers is great. Lanes have been given names from Greek Mythology (Odyssey, musicians).

The variety of 550 routes, offers infinite possibilities for sport climbing with unique technical movements for high thrills and new experiences. The degrees of difficulty start with educational routes from 4c and reach up 9c for the experienced. Take your family, your friends, regardless of age and sample a wonderful experience.

Furthermore , since 2010 in Kalymnos it operates the first closed circuit climbing responsible to educate Kalymnian climbers, maintenance of climbing routes and renewing them.

The island’s climate is ideal for the sport throughout the year ( from March to end of October ), several shady and a little rain.

For those who love climbing , Kalymnos is a challenge for you. A few years ago began to be organized on the island a climbing festival : the Kalymnos Rock Climbing Festival and the last 2 years the North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival.