Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos is one of the Dodecanease islands with a total distance from Piraeus of 183 sea miles. Kalymnos is a small island, with a surface 111 km2, and consists of great quality rocks. Kalymnos has an irregular coastline with many caves and lovely small beaches.

The island is widely known as the sponge-divers’ island, since such a large portion of the population is engaged in this ages-old occupation. The Kalymnian fishermans are not only  famous for sponge fishing but also for fishing swordfish or other shellfish, for it's famous fish taverns.



Kalymnos is well known for it's rock quality making the island as one of the top destinations for climbers worldwide.

The Greek climbing paradise of Kalymnos has just opened a new airport that will accommodate direct flights from Athens.
This will simplify travel, as you previously required a ferry to access the island. Kalymnos has become a prime example of how a properly developed climbing area can create a viable and sustainable climber based tourist economy.

Kalymnos Village

Kalymnos Village is a new building resort loacted in Massouri famous area near to the beach and very close to the main climbing sectors with amazing panoramic sea view. The resort consist of 8 beautiful and unique room its one of them have its own color. The rooms have full kitchen facilities. They are equipted with multicooker refrigerator satelite TV (Nova) and common swimming pool.

We are OPEN at winter time also with monthly rentals for climbers from November to February.

Contact us for more information.



Our Location and Operating HoursFind

Our Address:
Kalymnos Village Studios
Masouri Kalymnos
Postal Code: 85200
Mob: +30 6945050270
Mob: +30 6957639050
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12am

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